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Generative Jewelry and Fashion Design are for  designers who are exploring new shapes using generative algorithms, Grasshopper® is a graphical algorithm editor tightly integrated with Rhino’s 3-D modeling tools. Unlike RhinoScript, Grasshopper requires no knowledge of programming or scripting, but still allows designers to build form generators from the simple to the awe-inspiring.

Generative Jewelry and Fashion Design with Rhino are a new way to model where a design describes a change, it is the transition from entities to operations. A form is created by a series of mathematical operations, instead of being the outcome of applying a conventional command. 

Generative Jewelry and Fashion Design are a "Must Have" complement for any professional applications or Rhino users.

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Thorn Ring variation

Voglio dare spessore dopo...(´-ω-`)
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GIZMO, TROTEC and RhinoFabStudio designing and fabricating rings at FESPA, 2014.
Aug 25
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DIGITAL TOOLING vol.1 at Kyoto

August 30, 2014 from 3pm to 9pm
モノづくりに関わる道具・工具が近年大きく変化してきている。従来の道具が現在どのように変化しているのか、変化した事によって何ができるようになったのかを知るイベント。■ 第1部 15:00~17:00 (マルニアトリエカフェ営業時間内)sacsacがアナログからデジタルへ置き換わった道具達を紹介。具体例として、これまでデジタルとは遠い関係にあった料理での展開、「デジタルクッキング」へと話を進める。後半で行われるコン ピュテーショナル・デザインの技術を使った料理の展開を紹介し、試食も行います。■第2部18:00~21:00(ワンドリンク制 ¥500)RGSS…See More
Aug 25


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News About Rhino, Grasshopper, and more!

What to do with a Pink Pearl eraser, X-Acto knife, Rhino

Are you having troubles with those ear buds tangling? Dan Falvey, from Hard Part Inc., decided to solve that problem his own way. Here's his story:

One Sunday morning I got up early and decided to listen to the BBC and NPR news on my radio. In an effort not to disturb my wife (happy wife, happy life), I went searching for a set of ear buds. After finding three or four sets all tangled up, I spent the next 30 minutes and multiple cups of coffee untangling them. -- Not acceptable. I had purchased several "ear bud cord management" products in the past but they were bulky and a pain to use.

So I decided that there was a better solution. The first 30 minutes I figured out the design direction: Holding the jack and ear bud together seemed to be the best solution to keep the cords from knotting up. So I tried a spring steel paper clamp: too much point pressure and bulky. I thought about it for a bit .... grabbed some new Pink Pearl erasers, an X-Acto knife, and some small diameter brass tubing.

For the next hour I punched holes through the "pinks" with the brass tubing and cut parallel slits to allow access into the holes. In this first iteration the access slits worked. But when you pinched the pink to open the slits to drop out the buds the jack cord fell out at the same time. Not what I wanted. So the obvious solution was to put the access slit for the jack hole on the opposite side. I cut another prototype and the damn thing worked perfectly. 

So, on a Sunday morning in about 4 hours, I basically designed the BUD on a budget of less than 5 bucks.

Full disclosure note: Dan gave a few BUD samples to the Rhino office staff. I'm using a lovely blue one to keep a super long ear bud cord untangled on my desk. It's one small bit to making life easier.

Big 3D printing

The French start-up company Drawn recently launched its robotic-arm 3D printer, Galatea. At its popular debut at Maker Faire Paris in June, Galatea demonstrated its ability to print entire furniture pieces, changing the nozzle diameter from 1.75 mm up to 8 mm.

Drawn used Rhino to create the models and Grasshopper to make the models parametric.

Drawn will be selling their own 3D printed furniture and other items. They also plan to hold workshops on how to design and print furniture.




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